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Soft-Ferrite Design & Manufacturing

Introduction to HTSI (Quanzhou)

Founded in 2017, HTSI(Quanzhou) is a professional manufacturer of magnetic components, and is capable of handling soft-ferrite power inductor/power transformer design and winding, and ferrite core manufacturing. With in house elevator kiln and other equipments, HTSI(Quanzhou) can process ferrite core forming, sintering, and finishing, greatly increasing stability of quality and lead-time.

Current monthly output is ~1Mpcs, field operators is around 100, and is able to handle manual, semi-auto, and fully-auto winding workmanship. HTSI(Quanzhou) is already qualified as main supplier of world class industrial power supply manufacturer.

In May 2018, UPE invested in around 9% shares of HTSI(Quanzhou). With this investment, lead time and quality of core of power supply - power transformer is ensured, and magnetic component design capabilities have also been improved.

If you have demand on soft-ferrite power inductor/power transformer design or manufacturing, or want to know more on HTSI(Quanzhou), please contact:
TEL: +886-4-2522-6822(Taichung); +886-2-2298-8649(Taipei)