About UPE

About UPE


Founded in 2012, UPE is committed to being a leading provider of high quality power electronic solutions.

UPE offers total solutions in power electronic field. Our product portfolio covers a wide range, from AC-DC converter, DC-AC inverter, UPS, BMS, IPM driving solutions, lighting driving solutions, home appliance control, to ferrite component; our service includes customized design, contract manufacturing, lab borrowing, and can meet the needs of any aspect of power electronic product development.

With highly professional team and unrivalled company flexibility, UPE can always satisfy customers' challenging request on both design and manufacturing. UPE RD team is used to working directly with customer, and can offer optimized design which covers cost, quality, and performance. UPE manufacturing team always put quality first, and to keep quality and procedures updating and improving, we always communicate with no delay if any issue occurs. UPE factory can meet more than just ISO9001 and safety regulations. With on-site inspection by Japan national-grade customer every month, UPE keeps reminding ourselves the importance of quality, and making everything good until become perfect.

After founded, UPE company keeps growing up. In 2017, UPE launched new headquarters, as well established Taipei office in order to have closer contact with suppliers and customers. In 2018, UPE invested in around 9% shares of HTSI(Quanzhou), and therefore ensured quality and delivery of core component of power electronic products - power transformer. By May 2018, UPE Malaysia office was established. By June 2018, UPE US Pacific Office was established. With explosive growth on battery technology and applications in recent years, UPE is planning to further extend our product line to battery packing and testing, and expand our RD team to offer customer more comprehensive service.

UPE Taichung Headquarters

UPE Taipei Design Center