Contract Manufacturing


Contract Manufacturing Service

For quotation or details of UPE contract manufacturing service, please contact:
TEL: +886-4-2522-6822
Attn: Tina Yu

UPE Taichung factory offers total-solution for PCB OEM service, including material purchasing/control, SMT, DIP, ASSY, testing/test report generating, burn-in, packing, and drop shipping processes, and whole factory is ESD protected and is with independent ESD grounding and air-conditioning. UPE Taichung factory can fulfill most requirements in EMS service, and can adjust workmanship and process upon customers' demand, even offering on-site inspection service.

UPE Taichung factory complies with ISO9001 and Safety regulation. Besides normal production equipments, UPE Taichung factory also has hi-pot, leakage current, CE, RE, ESD, and Drop test equipments, offering customer advanced testing services during production.

Thanks to powerful R&D capability, UPE factory can offer much more than just manufacturing:
*PCB and circuitry check;
*Material change evaluation and check;
*Design change evaluation for cost and performance optimization;
*Safety update and EMC check after design or material change;
Usually, UPE OEM customers will also become partners in following customized projects.

UPE currently has one line for each SMT, DIP, packing, and testing. To offer customer better service, UPE is planning to further expand the scale. Our target is to double the capacity before end of 2019.

SMT Placement Machine; Reflow

Burn-in Room